Meant to post yesterday

But I ended up spending the whole afternoon doing this compliance training for work. So boring! At least I got it done on time.

On Thursday I had my second MLS class, Knowledge Organization, which is about cataloging and categorizing materials via different systems and standards. And let me tell ya: it was about as boring as it sounds. I guess it could be interesting, but the teacher so far is not that dynamic. First class she just started rattling off acronyms and systems and standards with no context or examples. I actually thought maybe I missed the first 10 minutes of overview, but I hadn’t.

Still, I don’t think it should be hard. Just boring.

The announcement about my promotion went out late yesterday afternoon, which is always embarrassing. I hate all of that attention. It was nice though to get lots of emailed congratulations. Makes me realize how many people I know at the company.

But I’m still on the lookout for other jobs. I applied to one last week that sounds pretty good. It focuses on writing communications and creating communications plans for what I believe is the business side of an IT team, and what with my writing background, the experience I’ve had in marekting – including managing our website – and now getting my degree in library and information sciences (which I’m finding has a rather heavy emphasis on technology), it seems like a good fit.

Of course almost anything on paper seems like a good fit. The job description also emphasized that there would be no managing of budgets or people, which made me laugh. “Are you a people person? Well, this job isn’t for you.” Sweet!

MB has been away since Wednesday. :( He’s at this conference and will be back tomorrow night. I find that I’m more motivated to work when he’s around. Cuz he’ll be doing his nerdy-computer stuff and so that’ll inspire to work on my writing. For instance, right now I could just tool around on my blog, surf the net, and watch TV all morning before heading out to shop till I drop. No! Must write! Even if for a little. Oh yeah, and homework! Just have some reading to do.

Still, some alone time is nice, to balance out all the together time.

Had a dream this morning about my boss. He was in rare form yesterday (in real life), micromanaging the hell out of me. In the dream he became obsessed with whether or not someone was going to wear the right shoes to a meeting. In fact I had set up a meeting about it, though instinctively I knew it was ridiculous, and then he kept asking who was going to be in the meeting about the shoes. I’d rattle off the names, he’d furiously scribble them down, then would ask me all over again. Finally Isaid, “Is this meeting really necessary? I think he can pick out his own shoes.”

*Sigh.* Polishing that resume.

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  1. That was one of the most bizarre dreams I have read about.