No motivation around here

So half the team seems energized about their new positions; the other half, including me, seems to spend a lot of time milling about.

No big announcement at last night’s 5 o’clock meeting. My boss ended up calling in, and he indeed sounded very sick. I guess that was why he barely said two words when usually you can’t shut him up. Also the senior VP, my boss’ boss’ boss, kept saying, “I’ll just chime in for you, Lame Boss,” and would speak for him. Hmmm.

We didn’t get any clarity about what’s happening, but it was clear where priorities are, ie, not with my half of the team. Oh well.

I don’t really care. I’ve never been emotionally invested. But I feel even less motivation than usual to do a damned thing except look for a new job. Oh yeah, and blog.

In better news, I got an A on my Andrew Carnegie paper. Yay! I enjoyed writing it but there’s always that panic of opening to the back page and seeing a big fat D. On Thursday I have my Knowledge Organization midterm. Boo hiss!

I’m somewhat worried about it. The test will be 10 questions, 1 that’s doing a MARC record with access to the MARC codes and other online stuff. No biggie. But the other 9 questions have to do with the concepts of all the different standards and encoding and other junk that’s out there. AACR, Dublin Core, EAD, blah blah blah. The teacher was nice enough to type up her notes and put them up on the online learning system. Hopefully reviewing those will be enough.

Running42K commented that he doesn’t read about my running anymore. That’s cuz I’m lucky if I get two runs in during the week. Partly it’s because it’s winter, partly it’s school, and partly it’s hanging out with MB on the weekends. But there’s still the work gym, which I must must must get down to today.

I’ll leave you with an Overhead on the Lower East Side:

Clueless white guy: I didn’t know there was a a deragatory term for Koreans. What is it?
Stupid Korean girl with too much eye makeup: It’s gook.
Clueless white guy: Oh, I thought that was just for Guatamalens.

What? That’s so wrong on so many different levels.

I acutally didn’t hear it myself. MB did and looked at with an expression that made me spit out half my ramen.

Ah idiots.

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  1. Congrats on the paper and good luck on the exam.