Stress eating

Is what I’ve been doing these past few days.

I thought it was hormonal but I realized just now as I scarfed down an egg, sausage, and cheese sandwich I definitely did not need that I’ve been finding comfort, albeit temporary, in bad bad food.

Must stop.

At least I went to the gym yesterday. Three miles. Will try for four today.

I guess these changes at work have hit me harder than I realized. I feel bitter and a little down about how things are around here. I’m just tired of it and have no motivation.

At least I don’t think about it when I leave. I guess the bitterness comes out when people actually ask me to do stuff. Otherwise I don’t care. If I can get away with doing virtually no work – or a lot of personal stuff – and get paid for it, so the better.

Maybe I just need some more caffeine and another good workout. At least the rest of life is sweet. :)

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  1. It’s a big change that will get some time to get used too. Perfectly normal.