Weekend update

I finally worked on my paper yesterday. As I thought I was more productive with MB around and working too (fun work, not work work). Also did my reading.

I hate daylight savings time. There I was, thinking I was getting up at 10, and it was already 11. By the time we ate – MB made French toast, yum! – it was well after 2.

After we got our work done, we took a walk, grabbed a light dinner, and browsed around a Barnes & Noble. I wanted to get Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, but it wasn’t there. Three of his other books were though. Will probably hit Amazon.

I know y’all are probably sick of hearing me complain about work, but I’m really not in the mood for it today. At 11 I have a meeting which I don’t think is necessary, given the changes, but the request came from my boss, and he’d rather waste an hour of everyone’s time rather than just say, “We don’t know if we’re doing this now that the team is different,” and give 60 minutes back. Then at 12 I have a 2-hour meeting for a project that I was so lucky to inherit, as one of my dumbass agencies said.

“That just shows they think you’ll do a great job!” she said of the 30% increase of my workload. “Congratulations!”

Are you a robot, or just a complete idiot?

Anyway, it helps to remind myself of the good things in life. Vacation next week, woohoo! Aside from South Carolina at the end of the week, I’ll just be sticking around here. Need to take care a bunch of stuff, including my site visit for school, a dermatologist appointment (finally! I’m really tired of breaking out all the time), and my taxes too, which reminds me I need to actually make that appointment.


  1. I am not sure I want to read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. It might be too scary.

  2. Kitchen Confidential is probably one of my all time favorite books.