No doubt. . .

. . .you’ve heard.

Personally I’m not sure I have anything against prostitution, if it’s between two consenting adults, but I mean duh as a public figure, you’d think you’d stay away from something like that. And on top of that, to be a guy known for shutting down two sex rings himself – “hypocrisy” is indeed an understatement.

But I feel worst for his wife. We don’t know what was going on with their marriage – maybe she’s known about it for a while, maybe they had an agreement – but if not, then it’s cheating. Cheating is cheating, and on the day before Valentine’s Day too. Oy.


  1. and not wanting to use a condom. dis-gusting.

  2. I agree that what he did was bad, and you correctly point out the hypocrisy of the whole thing. However, the cries for his impeachment piss me off. It was sex, big deal. Just like with Clinton. It was sex. Bush however lied big time leading the US into a very expensive war that killed millions (I am counting the Iraqis killed as people, not just the cost of the US lives)

  3. running42k: i totally agree. i don’t think he should be impeached, and you’re right that it was just sex. you’d think someone could impeached for murder.

  4. i think she knew. i’m totally not condoning him, but something tells me she wasn’t at all unaware of her husband’s transgressions.

    i agree with 42k; impeach spitzer and clinton, but keep a moron like bush in office for HOW MANY years? i don’t know what the american public is smoking, but they should get it off the streets.

  5. It is hypocrisy, no doubt, and he was an idiot. But, I think we make a big deal about sex. Prostitution should not be illegal. In Canada, prostitution is legal, but communicating for the purposes is illegal, if you can believe that.

    I do wonder what his wife knew.

  6. Back when the whole Clinton-Lewinsky scandal occurred they interviewed many Europeans who felt the whole thing was ridiculous to be fussing over. I’m sure they’re thinking the same thing again. If it weren’t for the fact that he looks like a hypocrite, this shouldn’t be such a big deal.

    And incidentally, of all the pictures they could have selected to be on the front pages, the press had to pick a provocative picture of the prostitute. How about just posting a normal, every day picture of her?

  7. jaybee: some would argue that the american public – at least not the majority – did NOT vote bush into office. hanging chad, anyone?

    zydeco fish: agree re: the sex thing as well as legalized prostitution. definitely don’t think spitzer should have resigned, but in our puritanical society, there was no way he couldn’t.

    pandax: i think newspapers want to sell sell sell, and sex sells.