Too much about Spitzer

But here’s a little more.

David Byrne ( yes, that David Byrne) makes a really good point on his blog. Spitzer is identified as client #9 (kind of like Chanel No. 5, only dumber) – what about clients 1 through 8? They were all part of the prostitution ring that the FBI wiretapped so the feds know who they are – how come they’re not being plastered all over the news?

Byrne’s theory these are mega rich bigwigs, possibly Republicans with a vendetta against the Caught Crusader. MB and I discussed over lunch who the possible 8 could be:

8) Some movie star. Lots live in New York – Robert DeNiro? Kanye? Woody Allen? Take your pick.

7) Mob boss #1

6) Mob boss # 2. Hey, the Emperor’s Club apparently covered New Jersey too.

5) A Yankee. Derek Jeter? A-Rod?

4) Some super-rich CEO of some overbloated corporation or another

3) Rich bigwig Republican #1

2) Rich bigwig Republican #2

And finally. . .

1) Slick Willy himself, and Westchester County resident.

“It’s good to be President.”

~ ~ ~

In other news, I had an interview today for a communications manager position. This would essentially be coordinating and creating communications – whether via announcements, emails, presentations – between four different groups that are now under one worldwide group, which sounds really good to me.

With my other interviews, I couldn’t tell how they went. All I knew was they didn’t go badly, but they weren’t fabulous. This one I think – knock wood – went well. It was more of a discussion and exchange of ideas, rather than an interview. Then he asked that I send him some PowerPoints and other communications I’ve created.

Like everything, wait and see.

Class tonight. And MB’s off to Chicago, boohoo! He’s back Monday night.


  1. I interviewed for a communications Coordinator a company in the same field I THINK you work in. Want the job terribly and been playing the wait-and-see game for over a week. Just a few more days before they hire me or tell me they went with someone else.

  2. David Burns blog, very cool. Interesting comment as well about the missing 8. Of course the press doesn’t say jack shit about it as well.

    Hope the job pans out.

  3. The good news is that I am not on the list :-)