A Boston kind of weekend

It was a hot one, and there’s no escaping the heat wave here as well. The SoCal-like weather from the past few weeks was too good to be true.

Friday I left work earlier than usual, 12:30, and caught my one PM train just in the nick of time. I was able to get a window seat, but it was still pretty crowded, and somehow I ended up near a bunch of kids. At first I was dreading how the ride would be, but the kids were mostly well-behaved and cute. Plus my iPod drowned them out.

I had brought a bunch of schoolwork but did none of it. Instead I daydreamed and slept, and had a hot dog and coffee at about three. A weird combination but delicious all the same.

The train got in about 5:45, half an hour late. I went straight to ES’s house (I’m glad I still remember where it is!), where I found her napping. :) I don’t blame her. By Friday I’m pretty pooped myself.

For dinner we went to this Tibetan place nearby. I’ve never had Tibetan before and found that it was kind of a Indian/Chinese mix. We had curry beef with potatoes and mango noodles. The noodles were good, as was the curry sauce, but the beef could have been more tender.

Afterwards we walked around Davis Square. It was Art Beat this weekend, and so that night there was some live music. But what we caught was awful: some band from Italy that featured lots of bagpipes. We started near it, but decided we preferred to chat instead, so we found a bench and yakked until it started to rain.

A visit to Boston wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream. When the downpour started, we dashed over to an ice cream place and got some “Green Monster” – mint ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies – to share. I got a “small” but even with the both of us eating, we couldn’t finish it.

For the rest of the night, we just hung out at ES’s place. I watched TV, a nice treat now that I don’t have one, while she went through some photos. It was hilarious to look at the iPhoto Booth ones she, IS, and I took during one of my visits.

We went to sleep not too late, around midnight, and the next morning I was wide awake at 7:30 (not the case today, that’s for sure). I think I’m used to getting up at that time, and also ES’s blinds were up in the living room, letting in the natural light. Either way I was glad to able to get some homework in before ES got up.

We left the house at about noon, and attempted to walk around the arts festival. “Attempted” because the heat was really unbearable. After a little while we ducked into this crepe place and sat there chatting for two hours.

We eventually got back outside, and at that part of the day, after 3, it was less oppressive. ES knew someone in a band that was playing so we went over to listen to them. They did kids’ music, and it was cute to see all the little ones dancing and singing and almost getting electrocuted by the wires and speakers. Awww.

After that we checked out the booths. We were both on a hunt for jewelry. I saw a couple of necklaces I liked, but I wasn’t 100% sure about them so I let them go. ES thought about getting some earrings, but by the time she went back, they were sold.

By 5 I had reached my limit with the heat. On our way back to ES’s place, we ran into some of her friends. Normally I don’t mind a little chitchat, but at that moment it was the last thing I wanted. After a few minutes, I gave ES a look and started slowly backing away. Luckily she got the idea.

I felt better after enjoying ES’s A/C and ingesting some fruit. Must have been dehydrated and needing some sugar. We hung out for a while before ES threw herself into a cooking frenzy, trying this Asian tofu/bok choy/mushroom noodle dish for her friend’s barbecue we were going to later. My big contribution was chopping up some garlic.

I wasn’t too in the mood for the barbecue, to tell you the truth, but it turned out to be fun. ES’s friend had a very nice backyard, and everyone there was easy to talk to. Later in the evening they showed a movie, Fletch, projected onto a sheet – actually, shower curtain liners – hanging from the porch. It worked really well, and was a good movie choice because you didn’t have to pay close attention.

I realize I hate nature. Sitting there in their lovely backyard, I kept thinking I was getting attacked by mosquitoes (just one bite, though a huge one), and then I swear a slug crawled onto my foot. I felt a tickle, reached down to brush it off, then felt sliminess. Ew!

Sunday I was up semi early again, around 8:30. More homework before ES got up. Headed out around 12:30 to see the New England Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach. It was crowded but not crazy, and it was definitely hot though overcast, luckily, cuz otherwise I’m sure we’d have been burned to a crisp.

We weren’t there long, just long enough to take in the sand sculptures – all very cool btw – and walk along the water, which felt really good on that sweltering day. But again, yucky nature: seaweed, gross!

Then it was time to drive me to the train station. ES gave me a nice tour of the downtown area, which has changed SO much since I lived there. Next time we need to spend more time in Boston proper, though it’s so easy just to stay in Davis Square.

Like a nice mom, ES had packed me a lunch for my train ride: leftover noodles, which turned out DELISH by the way, sliced red pepper, and watermelon and peaches, which I gobbled up even before we left Revere.

The train wasn’t crowded at all at first. In fact for a little while I had entire car to myself. But by the time we left the Route 128 stop, we were packed.

This time around I was able to do some reading for class, both research for my final paper and the assignment for tomorrow. Yay! Then I didn’t feel like reading anymore so I plugged in my iPod and watched the scenery go by. I love looking at the water and boats and catching glimpses of different birds along the coast of Connecticut.

The train got in around 8, about 45 minutes late. No biggie. I was tempted to take a cab, but sucked it up and took the two subways, but not before waiting for what felt like a billion years in the Hades that is the V/F train platform at West 4th Street.

I had big plans for the night at home: do my homework for Tuesday (we have to come up with two questions/comments per reading), iron my clothes for the week, do a little sewing (1) a button back on some pants, 2) a tear in the seam of another). I did none of that. I checked my email, my Flickr, my Facebook, my blogroll, then watched Intervention and The Office online. At least I washed the dishes and unpacked.

Today it’s hard to be back at work. Luckily I have no meetings. Plus MB gets back this afternoon, yippee! He was away at a conference in Toronto this weekend.

I should really work out soon, but I’m already starving! Maybe I’ll do a short one later this afternoon, or after work.


  1. tee hee! i have that nature problem myself.

  2. Italian bag pipes?? what the hell?
    Reading your post I realized how much I don’t miss Boston summers :)
    Slug on foot? icky icky icky. Nature is creepy.