Another summer weekend bites the dust

Can’t wait till fall.

The week was rather quiet though I did have work to do. I have a short presentation to give on Tuesday, and I still have to finish up my slides. Luckily I know my stuff so it’s just a matter of organizing my thoughts and rehearsing a couple of times. I had a presentation this past Monday as well, and although I was nervous in the beginning, overall it was fine.

For some reason this week I kept running into old coworkers. First was the medical director who gave me such a hard time before I left. Needless to say he pretended not to recognize me (dick). Then I saw two guys I actually liked, and as we were standing there chatting, another guy I liked came up to us. It was fun to talk and joke, even if just for a couple of minutes. We could do that I guess because we had all escaped our old horrible department.

Friday night MB had a friend over, and they had a “jam session,” the friend playing harmonica and MB on guitar. They were actually pretty good, especially towards the end. MB had me join in on this little instrument, I don’t even know what it’s called. It’s this prongy metal thing attached a small wooden base. I thought I’d suck but it was actually easier than expected.

Later MB and I saw Death Race. We knew it would be total brain candy, and it was. Some parts were SO dumb, like yeah right, female prisoners really look like models for hair care products and low rider jeans rather than the scary bus driver and/or cafeteria ladies from elementary school. I was also very tired and almost fell asleep a couple of times despite the noise and action on the screen.

Saturday was spa day with my mom and aunt. I had given my mom for her birthday a gift card for an hour-long Swedish massage at this spa I like, thinking we’d make a day of it. Then she suggested giving one to my aunt as well since it’s her 60th birthday this month. (My aunt and I are both rats.)

I picked my mom up around 2 at Penn Station, after which we walked to the spa, where we met my aunt. I’ve taken my mother to a spa before, but she acted like she’s never been. My aunt definitely hasn’t, and they were both embarrassed about taking off too many clothes under their robes. Then I had to tell my mom to shush as we walked through the “quiet area.”

They did, however, enjoy the waiting area with free tea and other goodies like Luna Bars and dried fruit and nuts. I liked seeing them take advantage of the frills. This is totally random but I think Dr. Jarvik from those cholesterol-medication commercials was there too. Or at least a guy who looked exactly like him, down to the balding slicked down too-long hair. But I didn’t feel comfortable asking, especially since we were all sitting there in our robes.

Our appointments were at the same time, but while my mom and aunt went off as scheduled, I sat around waiting for another 15 minutes. Turned out there was some mix up and my facialist was only just on her way back from another location. In all I waited maybe 20 minutes. No biggie, but the facialist was very apologetic, and they ended up giving me a 15% discount plus some free body wash. Nice! They must have it in their records that I spend bookoo bucks there.

The facial was very good, better than one I had last year when I was left alone, wrapped like a mummy for way too long. She did some scalp, neck, shoulder, and arm massage as well. The extractions were painful as usual, but didn’t take too long, and then she did an oatmeal mask. It was nice and cooling, but also smelled like breakfast. Afterwards my skin looked quite nice.

I walked into the locker room, and my mom and aunt were there, all done and waiting expectantly. For some reason my mother had decided to put her shoes in my locker instead of her own, and so she had to wait for me to finish before she and my aunt went off to Flushing to look for Korean soap opera DVDs.

I took my time going home, but then MB and I basically had to leave right away to meet my mom and aunt for dinner in Queens. Why my mother wanted to eat in Queens, who knows. Probably for the same reason she left her shoes in my locker.

It took FOREVER to get out there. The 7 stopped at every stop, and plus there was a baseball game, so there was train traffic. Then of course all the idiots dressed up in Mets paraphernalia. And when we finally got to our stop, we had no idea how to get to the restaurant. It didn’t take us long to figure out, but of course my mother had to call, frantic: “Where are you? Are you okay?” Hey lady, you wanted to meet in Queens.

The restaurant was pretty good. We had lots of seafood, including chili shrimp, crab, and this very rich fish (I don’t know the name), as well as Chinese broccoli (oh boy, I’m hungry).

This was the first time my aunt was meeting MB. I wasn’t worried since my mom is the stickler; my aunt is very easygoing and gets along with almost everyone. Plus she and MB had work in common (ie, computers). It was funny: the three of us kept lapsing in Chinese, and I’d forget that MB didn’t understand. He didn’t seem to mind, but I tried to translate as much as I could.

Afterwards we all took the train back together. My aunt got off at Grand Central since she lives in Connecticut, and we took my mom to Penn Station and waited with her till her train came. As we said goodbye, MB initiated a farewell hug, which I could tell greatly pleased her.

Today we had all sorts of plans. Get a late lunch, get massages at this Chinese spa MB found online, then see a movie. But after lunch and as we were hanging out at a bookstore, I started to feel really sick. As we left the restaurant, I had felt slightly nauseous, but I thought it just might be hormonal. Then suddenly sitting in Borders, I started to feel crappier and crappier.

I did get sick, but just a little. It was very weird. Afterwards, I was perfectly fine. I didn’t have too much of an appetite – though now like I said I’m sorta hungry – but no more hurling. Must have been something I ate.

Still we didn’t think massages would be a good idea, and just headed home. I had picked up Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, a strange choice for someone with an upset stomach, but I’ve been wanting to read it and it was on sale. It’s good so far.

I wish we had yogurt. That’s what I could go for right now.

Back to work tomorrow. So not the right thing for a lazy girl.


  1. Stiff is one of those books that I’ve been wanting to get for a while, but am not sure if it would be good. So I await your review.
    Sounds like a great day with your mom and your aunt! Despite working in and owning spas for many years my mom has no desire to ever go to one, which makes present getting very hard.

  2. I am not sure I could read that book because I hate the cover image. It’s far too footie for me.