Skipping work for Conan totally rules

Yesterday I left work early to watch a taping of the Conan O’Brien show with my brother.

Originally I wasn’t going to go since I’m taking tomorrow off. Not that I’m so busy at work, but I felt guilty. Then my brother, D., was like, “C’mon just go. How often do you get to see your brother?” Okay, so now a different kind of guilt. Or just an excuse to go.

It was great fun, though the now-famous NBC pages were kind of strict and mad with power. Or at least one of them was. D. has connections so we were able to bypass the joe-schmo line and get on a special line. To get on this special line, a page had to check our tickets. Fine. Then we got to the line, this Ashely Todd look-a-like spat, “Guys, I need to see our tickets and your wristbands.” How do you think we got back here?

Then later she checked them again before we got on the elevator, then shouted at us, “Everyone has to move back! Everyone. . .MOVE BACK!” Then upstairs she barked, “Have your tickets ready!” cuz this other girl was collecting them at the door. Geez, I know it’s important to run an organized show, but you’re still just a page.

We had awesome seats, just a few rows back from the stage and on the aisle. But then this other page asked us if we would move for this couple who was on their honeymoon. We just stared at her, trying to comprehend why they would deserve special seats. I don’t care if they’re on their honeymoon, and was starting to get fed up with getting pushed around by these pages. Still, I felt sorta bad, but then my bro was like, “Um, no, I don’t really want to move.” And neither did anyone else. Ha!

Before the show started, Conan came out and joked around with us. He’s extremely tall and his hair seemed much higher in person than on TV. He also looked a bit older than I expected. There was music and he started dancing, and this random guy on the aisle got up and danced with him. Then later that guy and his girlfriend ended up getting picked for the audience participation portion, which was the funniest part of the show.

The guests were Tom Brokaw and this comedian. The comedian was funny, but Tom Brokaw was snoresville. There was also a musician (yawn).

In the end, I’m really glad I went, and glad we didn’t move because we had a great view and you can totally see us in the audience. Here’s the show online. t will probably disappear soon.
~ ~ ~

On another note, I’ve had two celebrity sightings – aside from Conan and everyone on the show – in the past few days. Earlier this week I saw Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear right outside my workplace. He was very tall and more handsome in person. He might have been shooting but there were no cameras or Stacey around, just two serious looking women. He looked right at me as I walked by. I like to think he was thinking, Nice jacket!

Last night I saw Quincy Jones at the Barnes & Noble MB were hanging out in. I think he had just finished a reading or talk. He was getting on the elevator and talking on his cell phone. “We’ll be right there,” he said.

MB’s all done with his semester – he passed his classes, yay!, and gets to return next semester. Last night we took a break and saw Splinter. We had read some good reviews, but I thought it was just okay. Better as a rental.

I have tomorrow off, yay! I so need to do laundry before meeting up with D. Then this weekend I need to do school work, boohoo.


  1. Conan and Clinton… I’m so jealous. If only Conan would do another West Coast tour.

  2. i loooooooooooooooove clinton. he’s sofa king cute. i think if i saw him, i might have squealed and then asked for a pic. so so cute.