Money in, money out

This spring break I haven’t gotten much homework done, but I’ve TCOB on a few things.

A bit of spring cleaning. I needed to pull out my tax stuff, which was in my hard-to-reach box o’ files, so I rearranged things a bit in the apartment. Also dusted, filed away papers that had been sitting around forever, got rid of copies of manuscripts which I don’t need anymore. Still need to shred though.

MB and I also finally cashed in on all this change that’s been building up for a year. 200 smackers! It was all his since I spend my change regularly. Guys seem to always dump coinage until there is a giant pile. Guess that’s the advantage of having a purse.

Taxes. Filed them on Wednesday. I was nervous, but it turns out I’m getting an unexpectedly hefty return. I should be in school every year!

London trip. I reserved my room a while back, and this week bought the plane tickets. When I checked prices a few weeks ago, they were $900 round-trip – now they’re about $720. I guess they could go down even more, but almost-$200 seems pretty good to me. My room, which is a single in a dorm with a twin bed and not much else, is about $50 a night, including breakfast. Not too bad.

Post-graduation splurge. Also known as an excuse to spend too much on tickets to the Broadway revival of West Side Story. I know it’s cheesy – pirouetting street gangs, the whole Romeo and Juliet thing – but it’s one of my favorite musicals. The dancing gives me goose bumps, and I cry like an idiot at all the same parts.

I got two tickets though I’m not sure who will go with me. MB is not into musicals so I was thinking of taking my dad, who really enjoyed Chicago. It would be like a belated Father’s Day gift.

Getting in a ‘rents visit. MB and I are going down tonight, back tomorrow night. My parents are going to be gone for most of next month on a trip to China. Then at the end of May/beginning of June, they’re off to L.A. to help with my grandmother and of course see my bro. And they just recently got back from San Francisco! What jet setters they are.


  1. oh i was just thinking the other day that i’ve never seen west side story, and i’d love love love to see it! lucky girl, you’ve seen in multiple times?

    so jelliss!

  2. Good for you for finishing the taxes. I’ve been procrastinating.

    You’d think my hubby loves Xmas cookies, but all the tins are filled with coins. It is nice to have change around when one needs to fill the wallet for the bus fare or hungry parking meters.

  3. Taxes. Ugh. I hate doing that. I probably have $200 in change. It’s easy in Canada, with our $1 and $2 coins.

  4. dalia: i’ve actually only seen the movie a billion times. i’ve never seen it on stage so i’m really excited!

    pandax: ah yes, that is a good use for coins! since we don’t have a car and have subway/bus passes, MB’s coins pretty much just collect dust.

    oh but they’re good for laundry.

    zydeco fish: MB lived in canada for a bit, and he had the same experience. at the end of one year, he had like $600 in change.