Again with the memoir, and the weekend

Next two memoir installments are up.

MB and I were at my parents’ this weekend, getting in an early Father’s Day visit since I’ll be in London at that time.

Saturday afternoon we went to the mall. It’s fun to show MB my NJ stuff. I didn’t grow up going to that mall, but it’s one I’ve been to a lot. It’s also fun because he finds it fun too. And he’s so easygoing – he had programming to do, but he just brought his computer and sat in the cafe and worked while I was shopping. You’d think that wouldn’t be a big deal, but some people get really uptight about that sort of thing.

Then we got some ice cream, something I never did in high school: getting ice cream with a boy at the mall. It’s like I’m recapturing my youth. :)

My mother cooked a great dinner, as usual, and afterwards we watched a little TV, then worked on our respective stuff. I finally decided to put up a site for my writing. MB helped me with the technical part of it, and I’ve been adding the content. Here it is thus far.

Right now it’s a place for my short stories and essays. Eventually I would like to import the blog posts from here. So I envision the main page to be the “About” page with links to the writing blog and the personal blog. You can also see a list of my stuff under “Published & recognized works.” I imagine there will also be a page dedicated to my memoir once I get it into Scribd.

Sunday afternoon we took a nice walk down the road behind my parents’ house. It’s not that feasible for pedestrians, but at least there’s a bike path and a sidewalk for part of the way. We saw lots of animals – innumerable rabbits and chipmunks (so cute!); one deer, which at first I thought was a long-legged dog; and one turtle, which I had seen from a distance, wondering what it was.

MB was fascinated by the turtle. He picked it up to take it out of the road and onto the grass, and when he did, its head and legs popped out and wiggled around, which freaked me out for a second. Guess I’m not a wild life girl.

We took an eight o’clock train back. It was very crowded, but we managed to find two seats together. When we got back to the city, we took advantage of the cool night and had a little walk.

Oh boy, still lots to do before I leave for London on Saturday. I need a bunch of small things, like a plug converter for my laptop, and to finish up a few projects here at work. Luckily they are, so far, pretty easy, it’s just a matter of doing them. And I still need to get my independent study set up, though I feel less enthused about it. I still haven’t received feedback from my prof on my proposal so I sent him a follow-up checking in and saying I’d be open to doing it in the fall as well, if I’m still in New York. :)

Of course my parents had lots of questions for MB about the possible job. Plus my mother did that annoying thing where she asks a question, you answer it, and then she asks the same thing again just to make sure, as though the answer will suddenly change two hours from now. MB takes it all in stride and is much more patient than I am. In fact, a visit to my parents’ is always more fun with MB around.


  1. I really like how you and MB have set up your new site. Very clean.

    Weekends at your parents sound kind of like mine… but different. Does that make sense?

  2. It's so lovely how MB is so flexible to go with you to see your parents and occupies himself when you're doing your thing at a mall – WHAT A GREAT GUY :D

    I look forward when you're all moved over to WordPress – it's the best no? :) I don't know if you read me through Blogger or go directly (or read me at all hahahahah) but I've kept my Blogger going with truncated posts because it currently has far, far better SEO (Google searches find my Blogger posts and not WordPress :S).

  3. i do still read you! i've been visiting your wordpress site.

    is your wordpress site set up so that search engines can find it? i think mine defaulted to search engines not being able to find my blog (which is okay for now).

  4. I think I would have "flipped the switch" that is within WordPress settings to have Google find me. But perhaps I forgot to find the switch amidst all the other tasks to complete when I was switching over.
    To avoid having to find the switch, I'm doing nearly double the work by continuing to post to the older blog, hahahahah.