Bitch eat bitch world

I applied for my first job in San Francisco.  It’s for a medical association and involves editing, website work, and event planning.  Seems right up my alley though it pays much less than my current job (like less than half).  But a) at this point I’ll take anything, b) it has good benefits plus 401K, and c) with the stress of a move and living in a new city, an easy job would be ideal.

I don’t know how open they’ll be to possibly interviewing me when I’m there next month, and if they believe I will actually move in early September.  But it may take a couple of weeks for them to even get to my resume, and who knows how long the whole process would take, if they’re even interested that is.

I’m pretty much over the disappointment of not being able to work remotely.  Now I’m in the bitter phase.  I can’t help but think of the rejection of my application as, well, a rejection, and that if they truly valued me, they’d keep me on.  Then a certain individual totally pissed me off.  She has this habit of not addressing me directly in email; rather she asks the other person if I know something or need something instead of asking me directly.  She refers to me in the third person to tell people they can contact me for something.

And yesterday, I sent her an email asking her for something specific, cc’ing my boss.  She came back with a question, and no, she didn’t ask me.  She asked my boss, and completely ignored me.  Even if she thought I didn’t have the answer, she could have at least addressed me, or left me out of the email chain altogether.

And someone else who annoyed me was this pissant little intern we have here for the summer.  I had at first pegged her as one of those overly ambitious types, setting up unnecessary meetings to “network,” and blowing her little projects out of proportion.  We had lunch, and I temporarily changed my mind, thinking she was pretty nice.  I showed her how to set up something in Sharepoint – well, I set it up for her, made from a template I had created long ago – and told her she could customize it.

From our conversation, I knew she didn’t know shit about Sharepoint or HTML, but the next day, she was showing the site to her boss, whose office incidentally is right next to mine, and her boss said, “Wow, you set this up! This looks great!” and the pissant little intern did not correct her but took the credit.

My immediate reaction was, “What the fuck?”  Then I checked the site to see if she had changed it: a big fat no.

Wow, people, I guess you don’t want my help with things.

I have to say I’ve only experienced this with female co-workers: the back biting, the passive aggressive attitude, the stealing and competitiveness.  In the decade I’ve worked at this company, it’s been women women women who have given me grief.  And it’s so retarded because I’m not even ambitious.  I just want credit for the work I’ve done.

I’m starting to not feel so bad about possibly leaving.


  1. It really is amazing when women put up road blocks for other women, or just don’t give credit. In a world where women have had to fight to get anywhere professionally… it’s sick.

  2. I’ve always found it easier to work with men, gay men, or male bosses. I don’t know if it’s that women are more competetive with each other or just petty and bitchy. UGH! But yeah look at all the things that annoy you about working there so it will make leaving easier :)