Update on the Mac + L.A.

My laptop seems to have recovered my clumsy drenching.  We let out it dry out for more than twenty-four hours, then Monday night MB thought it safe to turn it on and get my files backed up on a USB.  Then we shut it off and let it air out for another twelve hours.  Tuesday morning I started to use it, and so far it’s been okay.

“If you start to smell ozone,” MB said, “shut it off.”

No strange odors as of yet.

In other news, MB and I are in LA at my brother’s.  I was dreading the trip to the airport and getting through security, but it wasn’t so bad.  Although we hit some traffic in the taxi, we got to SFO well before boarding.  There was a line for security, but it moved quickly.

After all my trips to SF in September, I’m an expert now in terms of getting through security quickly.  Before I even get on line, I take out my laptop and stuff my jacket in a bag.  I also have my cosmetics in a an easy to get to pocket, and try to wear shoes without laces.  Then at the end, I don’t bother trying to take everything out of the bins.  I just consolidate my stuff in one bin and take it with me to the side, out of the way of the line.

A trick to getting around paying for a checked bag: hand it to the guy at the last minute right before you board.  Then when you get off, it’s right there waiting for you instead of on the carousel.  This probably only works with bags small enough to be carry on, but a good solution if there’s not enough overhead space.

The flight was very short, just an hour.  By the time I finished looking at the ridiculous things in the Sky Mall magazine, drank a tomato juice, and read some of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, we were landing.  Our plane was small so we got off lickety split.

Getting through Burbank is a breeze.  The airport is so tiny, we walked just a few feet before getting outside, and then just a few minutes later, my brother pulled up.

We were a little hungry so had In-N-Out Burgers.  Thing was I wasn’t that hungry so those were calories I definitely didn’t need. :(

It’s weird to be in LA and not have to deal with a time change.  I have to keep reminding myself there’s no time difference between where I am and where I was.

My brother had a comfy air mattress for us – which sadly is bigger than the bed in our sublet – but I kept waking up.  I think it was the vanilla latte I had yesterday afternoon.  No coffee today after 12 PM.

My bro had to work half a day today so MB and I are just chilling, working on our respective stuff.  This afternoon we’ll probably pick up a few items, then start preparing stuff for tomorrow.

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