The Grateful 38

I’ve been so distracted by my stupid vertigo, I’ve neglected to post about my upcoming birthday.

Taking a cue from Sizzle who posted 37 positive things about herself in honor of her 37th birthday (the same day as mine!), I’m listing 38 things I’m grateful for, much needed this week as I deal with my dumb health issue.

1. Museum Boy.  Also known as MB.  Of course I could go on and on about how lucky I am to have him, but I’m especially grateful this week as he kept me calm while I panicked during one of my dizzy spells and is making sure I follow to a T what I’m supposed to do to get through this thing.

2. In addition, he has a great ass.  Yes, I am grateful for MB’s ass.

3. The chance to write.  While sometimes I may feel a bit lonely, I know I’m really lucky for this chance to write like crazy and not have to worry about finances.

4. A lovely apartment.  Complete with man cave and Murphy bed for guests.

5. Being walking distance from so many restaurants and cafes.

6. A gym that’s only $30 a month.

7. My friends who will drop everything to listen to me bitch about some random upsetting person on the internet.

8. My mom’s craziness.  Excellent blogging material.

9. My mom’s stories.  Sometimes she even makes sense!

10. My dad’s support.  While my mother may question my choice to write and earn almost no money, my father has almost always been supportive of me and my brother chasing our dreams.

11. That I finished my taxes back in February.

12. That I straightened everything out with library school.  Because my last grades were submitted so late by the professor and I didn’t register for another semester, the school thought I had dropped out and sent me a letter saying to re-register.  But they’ve realized now that I’ve graduated.  Yay!

13. That I have no debt.

14. That I’m not a hoarder.  Every time I watch Hoarding: Buried Alive, I’m grateful for that.

15. That I like being on my own.

16. That I had little trouble moving across the country.

17. My hat and sunglasses.  It’s sunny here!

18. That I’m friends with my former writing teachers.  A great way to find out where to submit work.

19. The internet.  A great way for shy people to network.

20. My tiny little computer.

21. Our free HD cable channels.

22. That I’m seeing Conan O’Brien next week (he shares my birthday too).

23. Museums.  Thank you, museums, just for existing.

24. Libraries.  You mean I can borrow books for free?  I can download tens of thousands of journal articles at absolutely no cost?  No way!

25. The BBC 100 List.  So I don’t have to figure out what to read next.

26. Movies.

27. That people in San Francisco do NOT talk at the movies (unlike New Yorkers – STFU!)

28. No mosquitoes.

29. No rats (that I can see anyway).

30.  Fall in New York.  See you soon!

31. That I’m older as I try out this second career.  I don’t know if I had the skills and savvy back in my 20s to be a freelance writer.

32. Noodles.  Thick or thin, hot or cold.  Ramen, soba, udon – noodles!

33. Coffee.

34. That coffee high.

35. Running.

36. That running high.

37. That my body isn’t too different now than it was a few years ago (except for those harder to lose 10 pounds and this old person veritgo).

38. My sense of humor.

Oy, 38, only two years from 40.  FUCK.


  1. I do not rank about “no rats” /cry

  2. Whoops I meant “above”

  3. oh no! when i turn 38 1/2, you’ll make my list ;)

  4. NOW it makes sense why I like you so much (your birthdate)!
    Really, people don’t talk at the movies here? Have you been to the Metreon?

  5. I loved this post. It reminds me of this other great blog called “1000 Awesome Things” (which, if you haven’t checked out already, you should).