Vertigo update

I think it’s all gone.

By Wednesday, I was feeling somewhat better.  While I was woozy during the day, I didn’t have any vertigo when I did my anti-vertigo therapy.  Ditto with Thursday.  By Friday I was feeling even more normal, and by yesterday, almost 100%.

It’s such a wonderful feeling not to be constantly dizzy and nauseous (which by the way is really fucking hard to spell), and to be able to sleep on my side without inducing the involuntary merry-go-round.

I should still see the doctor though.  I sent my paperwork to the vertigo clinic last week, but they said I need a referral.  You think they could have put that on their website.  So this week I need to find a primary care doctor.

MB and I spent most of the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather.  On Saturday we walked to the Ferry Building, and yesterday we hung out in Union Square.  The sun was actually too strong for me – my feet in my sandals were burning!  So we sat in the shade.

This week I want to hand in a few articles, one assignment and two blind submissions.  Will also see about jobs.  Still haven’t heard back from the two I applied for.

Now that I’m feeling better, I’m not as anxious about finding a job immediately.  I’m also open to writing gigs and having several freelance assignments going on at once.

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