The vertigo is back

I felt it early this morning.  I turned my head, felt a little dizzy, opened my eyes, and they were doing the spinning thing.  But not bad.  So I thought, Maybe not, although yesterday I did feel off with pressure in my sinuses.

I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I kept thinking, What if it’s back?  Finally, I “tested” it.  I rolled onto my left side: slightly dizzy but okay.  Then my right: okay. . .okay. . .it’s baaaaack.

In one way, it’s okay because I know what it is, what to do about it, and how long it will last (a week to ten days).  In another way, it’s annoying and depressing.  I hate the constant light-headed feeling, having to experience the vertigo while doing my exercises, and being limited physically.

There goes today’s workout.

At least I’m not working at the office today.  I can do my dumb little therapy and call a doctor to make an appointment.  Hopefully I’ll find one who knows about BPPV and won’t try to prescribe me anything.

I’m not sure what caused this bout.  I know once you have BPPV, you can have recurrences and there’s basically nothing you can do to prevent it.  My personal theory is that tilting my head back a lot brings it on, which I did when I put up shower curtains on Sunday, and have been doing a lot playing Xmahjongg on our other computer, which is also our TV.  To be able to see the screen for the game, I sit on the floor and tilt my head upwards for long stretches of time.

But this is just my guess.

Of course I should be able to put my head in any position for as long as I want without any problem.  But I guess since I had that virus which gave me BPPV, I’m more susceptible to misplaced ear crystals.

In other news, I have a new post over at The Nervous Breakdown.  It has nothing to do with vertigo.

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  1. That sucks. Hope it goes away soon.,