Writing update + travel

Another round of writing updates!

The My Tiger Mom and Me e-book anthology is now available! It includes my essay, “Striving for Imperfection,” which won first place in Hyperink‘s contest.

The paperback version of another anthology, Wisdom Has a Voice, is also now available. It includes my essay, “Puo-puo,” and is also available for the Kindle.

For work I wrote about SAT words, and the three Rs, reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.

As for my 12 Months, 60 Rejections projects, I haven’t received any more rejections so far, but I’ve submitted two more pieces. My next goal is to submit a book of essays before my trip to New York in a couple of weeks. The good thing is the contest accepts essays that have been published individually, just not as a whole book. So I have a lot of essays to choose from. The problem is they’re not all wonderful. Now begins the process of editing and possibly having to write another essay to reach the 150 page minimum requirement.

What’s that? Oh yeah, I’m going to New York soon. I’m really looking forward to it – seeing friends, eating at favorite restaurants (if they’re still around), and hanging out at my parents’ house in New Jersey and chowing down on my mom’s good food. We’ll also probably shop (no tax on clothes!) and raid the stuff we left behind for anything we might need.

We’re flying Virgin, which I’m psyched about. I usually use Expedia, which has all of my preferences, but this time I tried Orbitz, which neglected to assign us seats. I realized this only recently and guess what: only middle seats were left.


That will suck for MB since he’s tall, and it will suck for the person next to me because I get up to go the bathroom so much. Ah well.


  1. I check in at home and do seat selection to see if I can get lucky.

    Then I hit the kiosk at the airport to see if I can get lucky.

    On my flight out on Thursday I managed to “upgrade” from a middle seat to a window seat next to an empty middle.

    And right now I’m leaving this comment on a Chromebook as I wait for my return flight on what is, as far as I can see, a fully booked Virgin flight.

    Happy Trails,

  2. I got upgraded to business class on Virgin when I signed up for their rewards program on a trip to London to visit my sister after PC. I got champagne and my own personal tv. It was free back then to sign up so maybe if you guys join the program you’ll get lucky.

    I really wish that I could see you on your trip back east. Enjoy! SG