The Tokyo Diaries: Girls’ Day

There were lots of displays for Girls’ Day, which is on March 3, while we were in Tokyo. It’s a doll festival during which people display dolls dressed in old-style kimonos.  We saw this one in a department store in Ginza.

For some reason there were also a lot of rabbit themed items. I can’t find a satisfactory explanation, except that, like cats and fish, rabbits are considered lucky and children like rabbits.

There were also some nice candy displays. . .

. . .as well as ones involving strawberries, which are at peak season at this time.


  1. candy and strawberries??? i thought you said this was japan- it sounds like heaven!

  2. yeah, the candy’s just a’ight – too sweet for me – but they have these strawberry little cake things which are amazing.

    and the strawberries themselves are supposed to be out of this world at this time of year. i’m sorry i didn’t get to try one!