The Tokyo Diaries: Random, Silly, or Just Plain Rude

Here are some random, silly, and/or rude things (on my part of course, not the Japanese) from my trip to Tokyo.

Loved the high tech toilets. The seats are soft and warm (not from another person), and the lids and seats can go up and down with the touch of a button. One I used made a sound like a babbling brook when I sat down. For the pee shy I guess.

We saw this window full o’ Hello Kitties one night on our way back to the ryokan.

Talk about obssession.

Being silly with another kind of cat.

To protect and serve the galaxy! We saw this in Asakusa.

On our last day we peeked into a pachinko hall in Ueno.

It was amazingly noisy in the pachinko hall, full of clanging ringing bells.

People everywhere were wearing these masks. . .

. . .afraid of germs, I guess. I bought a pack for cheap and made ES take a picture of me in Tokyo station.

She wanted me to continue wearing it for a little while so people would think that I was wearing it legit and not making fun. But I wouldn’t. It’s extremely warm and uncomfortable so I took it off right after she took the pic, and she was the mortified one for a change.

Was it rude of me? Maybe, but it was still fun.

Finally, we liked this tree we saw near the Yasukuni Shrine.

Spring is on its way.


  1. yay for Hello Kitty!
    and sometimes, i think the masks are a good idea…

  2. At least you are ready for the avian flu.

  3. zydeco – i think that’s probably why people were wearing them.

  4. yeah, wear the masks daily! even better if you can get a gas mask! :P

  5. You have a beautiful blog:)