And now it’s official

Dear Anna May,


We are pleased to have received your acceptance of our offer for Manager, Communications.


Late yesterday afternoon, my boss got the phone call from HR, this morning I got the call, and then in the afternoon the email. My new boss and I have been playing phone tag. Hopefully we’ll talk tomorrow.

As for my start date, it will be either May 1 or May 16, due to the pay schedule. God, I hope it’s May 1. I wouldn’t mind it being 5/16 except literally today someone came up with the bright idea of holding a half day workshop sometime during the week of 5/12. And who has to do all the work for the workshop? Yours truly.

A couple of people on my team will be able to take over some of my work, but I don’t know who’s going to do the rest, which is very operational. My teammates are all in higher positions than I am and will not want to do that stuff.

I remember back to when our team was first formed last summer, and my suggestion for an operations manager role (me) plus someone junior to me who I could train and pass on institutional knowledge, in case I wanted to move up out of operations or leave the team. In fact, there was an administrative assistant who was already doing that and wanted do more in that kind of role.

But my boss didn’t want to “waste” a headcount on an operations person, and instead hired nine more people to do a whole lotta nothing, and ended up losing five recently to another team. So after I leave there will be no one to do the operational day to day that keeps things going.

Haha on him.


  1. Yeay congrats!!!!